Men seeking fashionable underapparel have always faced one problem: comfort. The typical fashion manufacturer develops a sleek, fine-fabric design, but at the expense of a men’s ease as they wear the weeks down in overly tight-fitting underwear. William Carbajal, a connoisseur of men’s fashion underwear, tried on pair after pair of fine linens and turned up disappointed each time. His search continued, because only the designer lines seemed to carry the right sex appeal, until Carbajal awoke one morning with a vivid logo in mind that he took down with pencil.

Thus came the inception of Horus by William Carbajal, an innovative new leap in men’s fashion underwear based out of Seattle. The Horus line is made with 93% modal and 7% spandex material, giving it the optimal balance between style and comfort. Extra fabric in the front also gives the wearer added support and airflow beneath the material. The line features a trunk and brief style and provides wearers with the best in vogue and snug fabrics.

While most manufacturers sell their products for upwards of $25, the Horus line is available for only $10 to $15. Carbajal set out to find the most appealing and comfortable men’s underwear, and now he’s done one better by developing his own line of fashionable, well fitting, affordable linens.